Laze Family Portraits

My sister Rachel and her husband Ovi live in Michigan and they came to Sacramento to visit for a couple of weeks and I finally got to meet my niece Lauren in person!  She is very cute and calm lol.  You hug and kiss her and she just sits there without crying or whining, it’s pretty awesome.  Rachel wanted some family portraits but mostly wanted some pictures of Lauren.  I liked that I was able to capture some of her personality in these images, when I look at them I laugh because she’s a character :).  You’ll notice Lauren is wearing a blue dress and that it looks too big, you’d be correct.  That was my sister Rachel’s dress when she was a child in Romania, great idea that was for her to bring it. 🙂


About Martis Photography

My name is Jonathan Martis of Martis Photography. I love taking portraits of people which is why I specialize in that area of photography. Being able to capture priceless moments of children, couples, and families is an amazing feeling. I began my photography career in 2009 and ever since then I just keep learning more and more. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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