Garcia Family Outdoor Portraits

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I took 6 month old portraits of Isaiah Garcia a few months ago.  Well, I was contacted by Nina, Isaiah’s Mom, because they wanted some more pictures of Isaiah since he was turning 9 months old.  She wanted to take a series of professional portraits every 3 months for his first year of life which I thought was a great idea!

Although the focus of the shoot was on Isaiah, Nina and her husband Bobby wanted a family portrait as well.  When we met for the shoot I couldn’t believe how much Isaiah grew!  He looked so much older, crazy how much of a difference 3 months makes with kids lol.

Isaiah was looking spiffy as always and so were his parents.  The session was really fun and just like last time, Isaiah was great in front of the camera.  It’s always nice being able to spend time with your friends and at the same time taking their portraits.  I was happy Nina and Bobby contacted me for more portraits, this shows they like my work :).  Enjoy the portraits of this great looking boy and family.

Click on the pictures to view them larger.  They look a lot better 😉


About Martis Photography

My name is Jonathan Martis of Martis Photography. I love taking portraits of people which is why I specialize in that area of photography. Being able to capture priceless moments of children, couples, and families is an amazing feeling. I began my photography career in 2009 and ever since then I just keep learning more and more. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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