Meet Rocky

Carmen and I got a puppy. Why? Because puppies are cute and dogs are cool. The breed is a German Shepherd mixed with a Yellow Lab and we named it Rocky. When we got the puppy dropped off at our house we were excited and it seemed like the puppy would never come…especially since the ladies with the puppy were almost 3 hours late haha! The puppy was cute and chill, he fell asleep in Carmen’s arms while we were signing papers and going over details with the ladies who sold him to us. We fed him, gave him water, and then put him in his crate for the night. Everything is good and cool right? Yea, no way. The dog was whining and crying and really was throwing a fit. I didn’t know what to do and I felt like I had a baby to take care of. The noise was piercing my ears and I was losing patience. Rocky eventually stopped and I was able to sleep through the night. I woke up an hour and fifteen minutes before I usually wake up for work to go and let Rocky go to the bathroom outside on the grass AND file his nails cause those things were like blades! He’s a good dog but wants to be around people ALWAYS. I hope this will get easier because it is like a second job lol. He’s so cute though, we brought him over to my parents house and my brother and sisters were there with my nieces. It was a great time and everybody had a lot of fun with him.

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About Martis Photography

My name is Jonathan Martis of Martis Photography. I love taking portraits of people which is why I specialize in that area of photography. Being able to capture priceless moments of children, couples, and families is an amazing feeling. I began my photography career in 2009 and ever since then I just keep learning more and more. I hope you enjoy my blog!
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