Laze Family Portraits

My sister Rachel and her husband Ovi live in Michigan and they came to Sacramento to visit for a couple of weeks and I finally got to meet my niece Lauren in person!  She is very cute and calm lol.  You hug and kiss her and she just sits there without crying or whining, it’s pretty awesome.  Rachel wanted some family portraits but mostly wanted some pictures of Lauren.  I liked that I was able to capture some of her personality in these images, when I look at them I laugh because she’s a character :).  You’ll notice Lauren is wearing a blue dress and that it looks too big, you’d be correct.  That was my sister Rachel’s dress when she was a child in Romania, great idea that was for her to bring it. 🙂

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Garcia Family Outdoor Portraits

If you are familiar with my work, you know that I took 6 month old portraits of Isaiah Garcia a few months ago.  Well, I was contacted by Nina, Isaiah’s Mom, because they wanted some more pictures of Isaiah since he was turning 9 months old.  She wanted to take a series of professional portraits every 3 months for his first year of life which I thought was a great idea!

Although the focus of the shoot was on Isaiah, Nina and her husband Bobby wanted a family portrait as well.  When we met for the shoot I couldn’t believe how much Isaiah grew!  He looked so much older, crazy how much of a difference 3 months makes with kids lol.

Isaiah was looking spiffy as always and so were his parents.  The session was really fun and just like last time, Isaiah was great in front of the camera.  It’s always nice being able to spend time with your friends and at the same time taking their portraits.  I was happy Nina and Bobby contacted me for more portraits, this shows they like my work :).  Enjoy the portraits of this great looking boy and family.

Click on the pictures to view them larger.  They look a lot better 😉

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Jennifer & Damaris’ Senior Portrait Session

I was contacted by Jennifer for some Senior portraits of herself and of her cousin Damaris. I remembered Jennifer from when she was a lot younger, we’re talking 6 or 7 years old lol. I used to play violin in the Romanian orchestra when I was 9 until I was 14 and Jennifer was in the orchestra as well with her cousin Damaris. I couldn’t believe how much they both grew up! Time really does fly haha. I quit playing violin after a few years but Jennifer and Damaris stuck with it and now have been playing for over 10 years, which is awesome! They play at weddings and different events for hire, that’s how good they are ;).  Jennifer and Damaris are graduating Seniors, Class of 2011, and wanted some portraits so I gladly agreed to take them.  My wife Carmen helped me out on the shoot which was a big help because we were by the river and along some rough terrain. We had a great time and we had a lot of laughs :).

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Dodge Mother & Daughter Portrait Session

A friend from our church Metro Calvary contacted me for portraits of herself and her daughter. I was more than pleased to take the portraits! Rachel’s daughter Lizzy had a lot of fun and she enjoyed herself which made the shoot go very smoothly. It was fun and the weather was awesome! 🙂

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Meet Rocky

Carmen and I got a puppy. Why? Because puppies are cute and dogs are cool. The breed is a German Shepherd mixed with a Yellow Lab and we named it Rocky. When we got the puppy dropped off at our house we were excited and it seemed like the puppy would never come…especially since the ladies with the puppy were almost 3 hours late haha! The puppy was cute and chill, he fell asleep in Carmen’s arms while we were signing papers and going over details with the ladies who sold him to us. We fed him, gave him water, and then put him in his crate for the night. Everything is good and cool right? Yea, no way. The dog was whining and crying and really was throwing a fit. I didn’t know what to do and I felt like I had a baby to take care of. The noise was piercing my ears and I was losing patience. Rocky eventually stopped and I was able to sleep through the night. I woke up an hour and fifteen minutes before I usually wake up for work to go and let Rocky go to the bathroom outside on the grass AND file his nails cause those things were like blades! He’s a good dog but wants to be around people ALWAYS. I hope this will get easier because it is like a second job lol. He’s so cute though, we brought him over to my parents house and my brother and sisters were there with my nieces. It was a great time and everybody had a lot of fun with him.

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Project 52: Week 11

I was visiting family with my wife and thought it would be a good idea to take a Project 52 portrait of someone else besides myself for a change.  This is my brother-in-law Alin, who is also a photographer, and we found this bobcat in an empty subdivision that was in the process of being developed.  I’m happy with the image I got.  This was one of those times where I had an idea for a portrait but a better situation presented itself…a bulldozer right there in an empty field.  Alin is also a photographer in the Seattle area.  He’s good, check out some of his work at Alin Gavrilas Photography.

Click Image for Larger Size

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Project 52: Week 10

I have been busy lately with Portrait Sessions and some family matters that I needed to attend to so I haven’t been doing my Project 52.  Today I decided to start it back up again and I’m happy I did.  This photo was part of a collection of shots that was supposed to be for a new self-portrait for my website.  After looking through the images I realized I liked this image not for my website portrait but because it kinda reminded me of the movie Zoolander and his funny poses with even funnier names like Blue Steel, Ferrari, and Le Tigre.  I love that movie and this portrait is my wanna-be version of the Le Tigre pose lol.

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